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BS4G-1000 – 4G wall mounted antenna

The 4G antenna is a robust superbly engineered omni-directional wall mounted antenna compatible for use with emerging LTE and 4G networks.

The 4G wall mounted antenna offers excellent mechanical strength coupled with industry leading electrical characteristics makes it an excellent choice for use in areas and environments where reliability is paramount.

The 4G antenna is supplied with a customised length of RG58 …

BSOI-1000 – High gain omni-directional robust antenna

The BSOI-1000 is a 10dBi gain omni-directional robust high quality pole mounted antenna.

Excellent mechanical strength coupled with industry leading electrical characteristics makes it a perfect choice for use in remote areas and challenging environments where reliability is paramount.

The antenna is supplied with a full mounting bracket pack and termination cover assembly providing assured IP66 protection at all times.

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BS900-2200 – Wall mounted antenna

The BS900-2200 antenna is a high quality, rugged, cost effective antenna designed for internal or external use.  It has a quarter wave element embedded within a ridge ABS housing and tuned for use with any 2G, 3G or 4G network.

Its popularity derives from its versatility as it is suitable for use in many of todays commercial, industrial and transportation sectors …

BSAL-1000 – Rugged low profile approved to 65KW train antenna

The BSAL-1000 is a rugged, low profile antenna witch was originally designed for use on public transport systems, high speed trains, buses and trucks.

A 10mm aluminium base plate is secured in to position via 3 off M10 x 40 bolts and over moulded with a UV stabilised ABS cover.  The complete assembly is approved for use on rail infrastructure networks …

Suzanne Bray

Suzanne Bray


"Many thanks for looking into the radio repair for us and for coming up with different options to keep costs at a minimum. Thank you to you and your team for all your effort, for being a joy to work with and for always coming up with a solution"

Whitfield Livery

Whitfield Livery

"Thank you for providing such a fab service once again, the radios worked a treat!"

Daniel Frith

Daniel Frith

Sales Director at DTS Solutions UK) Ltd

"Thank you for your massive help with our job, I really appreciate Mike, David and the teams work to support us; the event went well"


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