What is an ATEX radio?

ATEX  – a technique based on limiting energy, electrical and thermal, to a level below that’s required to ignite a specific hazardous atmospheric mixture – Safety is critical when working in a hazardous environment.  It is essential, in certain circumstances, that communication equipment is intrinsically safe. 

Here is an example of some hazardous environments:

  • Offshore
  • Oil and Gas exploration
  • Production platforms
  • Petrochemical
  • Oil refineries
  • Mine
  • Other sites where there is a high risk of potential explosions.

ATEX Digital (DMR) Tetra radio can be used with BA (Breathe apparatus) which is commonly used by the Fire and Rescue Service.

Bridge Systems Ltd are highly experienced in designing and installing systems for offshore production platforms (rigs). This includes both decommissioning and recommissioning. We offer radio technologies from initial design to completion. Bridge Systems have an engineering team qualified to be deployed offshore.  The company are a ‘one stop shop’ for all communication needs;

  • Leaky feeder systems (confined space communications)
  • Point to point microwave networks
  • Secure ATEX mesh networks (Tag reading, CCTV, data communications / internet)

ATEX-approved professional portable radios give team members instant access at the touch of a button. This does not compromise safety, and allows immediate should a critical situation need resolving.


Rigorous testing is  done on radio to ensure their durability and reliability in rugged or hazardous environments


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