A battery is just a battery right?…….

Wrong – poor battery management can lead to a short lifespan (of the battery of course) and poor performance from your radio’s so what can you do to help? Below are a few tips and pointers on battery management for our range of Hytera radios (http://hytera.co.uk/)

Charging Procedure

Prior to placing the radio into the charger pocket first ensure that the radio is dry and that the battery contacts are clean – if required wipe with a cloth to remove any moisture or dirt

  • Turn-off the radio prior to charging
  • Do not use the charger in direct sunlight or on a hot surface – high temperatures will adversely affect battery charging
  •  Radios can be safely left in the charge rover night
  • Ensure that the guide slots on the side of the battery engage with the guides on the side of the charger pocket
  • Check that the charger LED turns a Steady RED – this confirms a good electrical contact

The state of the charging process can be confirmed by the charge LED conditions listed below CHARGER LED INDICATION:

  1.  FLASHING RED LED – (0.2s ON/ 3s OFF) – no battery in charging pocket – charger ready 1.
  2. STEADY RED LED – Charging battery
  3. STEADY ORANGE LED – battery 90% charged
  4. STEADY GREEN LED – charging complete
  5. SLOW FLASHING RED LED – (0.2s on / 3s off) try reinserting battery in pocket again – battery may not be seated properly
  6. FAST FLASHING RED LED – SLOW(0.2s ON / 0.2s OFF) battery maybe faulty

Hope this helps!