The internet is a minefield when it comes to researching and choosing the best radio hire company to use for your event or business.

I am going to make a guess that you came across this blog because you are looking to hire radios and you want good service and a competitive price?

Comparing all aspects of radio hire can be a time-consuming process, so within this article, we have undertaken all the hard work for you and put together a list of the radio hire companies based on our search criteria and radio knowledge.

Why are we reviewing other radio hire companies and not including ourselves?

All our articles are written with the customer in mind; they are designed to help you make an informed buying decision. We have written this article to make the process of choosing the best radio hire company easier and quicker (not to sneakily promote our radio hire services)

We have not included Bridge Systems Ltd in this article as this isn’t about us, it is about helping you; we have all our radio hire information on our website here

By putting ourselves in your shoes, we were able to find out the important information and compare on the following criteria:

• Cost of hire
• Length of hire
• Delivery costs
• Accessories available for hire

We haven’t spoken directly to each of the companies within our review, regarding their hire radios and their process or features. This article is solely based on the information available on each company’s website.

To find the best radio hire company, we have used these popular search terms:

“Two-way radio hire, Scotland”
“Where can I hire two-way radios from in Scotland”

So without further ado…(and in no particular order)

Best radio hire company Scotland - Top 4 compared

Scotia Radio

Running since 1999 based in Glasgow, Scotia Radio provide short term and long-term hire for two-way radios. They provide technical support and knowledge in dealing with any and every radio hire.

Scotia Radios website seems extremely easy to navigate and we were able to find exactly what we were looking for.

Cost: From £3 per week; it doesn’t specify if this cost is per radio but they do have their contact details readily available for a full detailed quote.

Length of hire: Scotia Radio provide short term hire (from a weekend to a week) and long-term hire (not specified times for long term hire).

Delivery: It seems that Scotia Radio do deliver the hire radios, but the cost of this is not visible on their site

Accessories: Rapid chargers, additional batteries and a range of audio accessories are also available to hire.

Scotia radio’s website was good to navigate, and I was quick to find the information required.  The timescales of short-term hire and long-term hire didn’t show so they would need to be contacted for this information.

DGF Communications

DGF Communication is based in Arbroath and was set up in 2017.

Cost: From £3.50 excluding vat per week (doesn’t specify if this is per radio) but they do have their contact details readily available for a full detailed quote.

Length of hire: DGF Communications provide short term and long-term hire; their website doesn’t specify the length of time of when a hire would become long term hire, but they are flexible with their hire lengths.

Delivery: For delivery, up to 12 radios, anywhere in mainland Scotland, the delivery cost is from £15. For further afield or more radios you would need to contact DGF Communications for a personalised quote.

Accessories: All radio hires come with spare batteries, belt clips and chargers. You can also hire additional earpieces and noise cancelling headsets.

DGF’s radio hire has lots of information of industries and events they have provided radio hire for in the past. The website is easy to navigate, and they have all their contact details available if further information is required.

GDS Radios

GDS Radios have been based in Glasgow since 1994.

Cost: There was nowhere on the website where we could see the radio hire prices. You must contact the company directly.

Length of hire: GDS Radios provide two-way radios for short term / event hire and long-term hire (it doesn’t specify on the website what the timescales are). However, a long-term hire is based on a monthly agreement.

Delivery: Delivery service and charges were not displayed on the website.

Accessories: Hiring additional accessories wasn’t something I could find on the page.

GDS Radios provide a guide to two-way radios which provides the questions and answers to help you choose two-way radios. The website is easy to navigate. It is disappointing that the costs were not readily available.

Digital Angel Radio Communications

Digital angel radio communications_radio hire_bridge systems Ltd

Digital Angel Radio is based in Glasgow.

Cost: Quotes are based on individual circumstances, so they need to be contacted directly for the cost.

Length of hire: Again, this is based on individual circumstances so can’t be confirmed until you have spoken to the company directly.

Delivery: Digital Angel Radio Communications do offer a next day delivery option, but they haven’t shown how much this would cost on the website.

Accessories: Microphones, earpieces, carry cases, headsets, inline Push to talk and spare batteries are all available.

Digital Angel Radio Communications website is easy to navigate, however the information for radio hire quotes must be obtained by contacting them directly.

Time to decide which two-way radio company is right for you!

Whilst putting together the list of two-way radio hire companies, we struggled to find more than these 4 radio hire companies in Scotland (based on the 2 simple search terms used). In all honesty, we thought there would have been more.

We have picked out the main features of radio hire and the process for each company highlighted above, however all these companies have a wide range of services available so check out their websites for full details and contact information.

This article has been based on an internet search and the information that was readily available without contacting the companies ourselves.

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