MA Kick Off (Reviewed) - Why CMA events blow others out of the water

CMA Kick Off (Reviewed) – Why CMA events blow others out of the water

Before CMA It was the summer of 2015 (no, not ’69, I will keep my singing for another day) when I met Chris Marr, Director of CMA (Content Marketing Academy) at a conference held at Itek in Kirkcaldy. Chris was there to give a small talk about Content Marketing; it was interesting, he was engaging and I came away with a mind full of ideas. Time went by, there were little bits of interaction with Read more…

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Competition time!

It turns out that Bridge Systems Ltd are celebrating their 21st birthday this month and it got me thinking about how we could celebrate. I know, presents! Presents are always a welcomed addition to any birthday. So here is a list of the things we would like: Joke! We are not expecting you to buy us a present –we are going to give one to you! Before we get into that lets reflect:  Like any Read more…

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competition time, spread the love
What are critical communications_

What are critical communications?

In the event of a natural disaster or terrorist threat how would we communicate? How does your business ensure that all critical communications will be transmitted? Businesses and individual are reliant on communications hosted by a third party telephone network such as O2, Vodafone and Three but what would happen if these services were not available? Businesses and public services need to be able to communicate, if the third party services stop, this is where Read more…

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Drone operators – how do they communicate within a team on site?

Commercial and Aerial photography using camera drones is on the rise (no pun intended). Drone footage is being used in many business sectors, calling for drone operating companies to work in situations where secure, reliable communications are imperative. Derek Fett, Founder of Aerial Media Scotland contacted Bridge Systems looking for an upgrade to his existing two way radio system. The safety of the customer and employees is a must; Aerial Media Scotland needed a fail Read more…

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How do drone operators communicate within a team on site_

What are your radio options?

Radios come in all shapes and sizes. There are a vast range of radio manufacturers on the market, this brings with it lots of variables – so let us help with your radio options We will break it down for you; Radio Manufacturers We would encourage you to explore the market to get the products that best suits your needs. However, below are a few manufacturers that we have experience with; • Hytera • Tait Read more…

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What are you two way radio options-