Bridge ECS Network gives you two way radio coverage throughout East Central Scotland

What is the Bridge ECS Network?

Reliable, affordable communications are vital to businesses and local services. The system is a mobile communications systems, built independently giving:

  • Voice
  • Text
  • Vehicle location

No more cell phone costs

How much do you pay on average for calls on your business cell phones?

With the ECS Independent Radio Network you can make calls to other radio’s AND LANDLINES at no charge*

  Two way radios can be programmed to:

  • One to one calls – Call each other individually
  • One to many calls – Call every radio in a group
  • One to all calls – Call every radio on the system
  • Make a call to and from a radio to a telephone system (telephone connect SIP)

The ECS Network allows you to make calls from your office to any vehicle in your network and also allows for vehicle to vehicle communication.


100% reliable coverage

Mobile phones are reliant on third party networks which is great for businesses in area’s with good coverage however, in the event of network failures or overload you cannot rely on mobile phones to be dependable.

The ECS Network is an independently owned radio network giving clear, constant coverage. These systems have been designed to give total operational coverage eliminating network failures, overload and even allowing communication during natural disasters.


Vehicle GPS tracking

The ECS Network uses GPS to allow vehicle tracking.  Tracking is beneficial to a number of different sectors:

  • Bus Companies
  • Taxi firms
  • Delivery firms
  • Council bodies
  • Plant hire firms

From one designated point (laptop or mobile device) you are able locate entire fleets bringing benefits such as:

  • Lower fuel costs: GPS allows for tighter logistic controls. This leads to less time spent on the road, bringing overall fuel costs down
  • Better customer service: Drivers are easily located which allows office staff to communicate their location or ETA to waiting customers
  • Improved safety: Real time monitoring and instant two way communications allows you to provide assistance and support in the event of an incident
  • Asset tracking: Stolen vehicles can be easily traced

Maintenance and support packages

Maintenance service packages are tailored to customers requirements:

  • Planned maintenance of the equipment 
  • Emergency call out 24 hours, 7 days per week
  • Radio usage support

If you would like to find out more about our ECS Independent Radio Network and find out how much you could save, please get in touch below:

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  • excludes outbound call charges
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