It turns out that Bridge Systems Ltd are celebrating their 21st birthday this month and it got me thinking about how we could celebrate.

I know, presents!

Presents are always a welcomed addition to any birthday. So here is a list of the things we would like:

Joke! We are not expecting you to buy us a present –we are going to give one to you!

Before we get into that lets reflect:  Like any good 21st birthday party, there needs to be an element of reminiscing and embarrassment. No, we are not going to post pictures of the Director in a nappy or the FD with an outrageous 80’s hairdo (even though is was very tempting) – we need to keep this professional

Back in the day

I came across a website called Way Back Machine

This website is an internet archive showing snapshots of website homepages at certain dates in time.

It is really interesting to see how some websites have grown and others have fallen off the chart.

I started with Bridge Systems Ltd. I was not sure what to expect when searching for our domain; hold onto your hats, here is our website from 2001…(remember and press play for full effect!)

To be fair, for a website that was built over 16 years ago it is not too embarrassing

It is not just our own website that has come on leaps and bounds; what did some of today’s popular website look like?

Google 1998

Google homepage 1998

facebook 2004 

Facebook screenshot 2004

BBC News 1999

BBC news webpage Feb 1999

It is crazy to see how these websites have progressed over the years.

So – back to the present I mentioned

Gerbera gift next - win flowers in time for Valentines Day
Kaleidoscope bouquet Next - win flowers in time for Valentines Day

How would you like to win a beautiful bouquet of flowers of your choice from Next flowers?


You have the choice of a wonderful selection of plants and cut flowers for indoors and out. You can choose for yourself or to have them sent to a loved one.

We will be selecting the winner at random and entries close at 5pm on 25th January, 2018 


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