Commercial and Aerial photography using camera drones is on the rise (no pun intended). Drone footage is being used in many business sectors, calling for drone operating companies to work in situations where secure, reliable communications are imperative.

Derek Fett, Founder of Aerial Media Scotland contacted Bridge Systems looking for an upgrade to his existing two way radio system.

The safety of the customer and employees is a must; Aerial Media Scotland needed a fail safe communications solution regardless of the job location.

Who is Aerial Media Scotland?

Aerial Media Scotland is a team of drone operators based in Fife, Scotland.

Their services include:

Aerial Media Scotland - camera drone

What are drones used for?

Using the highest specification of UAV’s allows Aerial Media Scotland to provide close visual inspection of dangerous roofs, wind turbine blades, oil rigs, flare stacks and other hard to reach areas where rope access teams or scaffolding would normally be deployed.

Conventional techniques are more expensive and also endanger teams by working at height or aren’t able to access dangerous and fragile roof structures where drone inspection can provide instant viewing of these locations.

How do drone operators communicate on site?

Whilst the teams are working onsite and flying the drone, the most important component to safe operations is communications. This is between the drone pilot, flight assistant, site managers, crane and MEWP operators etc.

Aerial Media Scotland have been using analogue UHF personal radios (walkie talkies) for some time now but encounter various difficulties in terms of range, clarity of speech and interference from other users.

“Contacting Bridge systems was a breath of fresh air. Over a short period of consultancy, the need for a digital radio system was quickly identified. The final system chosen was the Hytera PD 785G hand held personal radios.” Derek Fett

Why choose to migrate from analogue radio to digital two way radio?

  • Robust waterproof hand held radios
  • Very clear audio on the hand held and fist mics
  • Long battery life
  • The lone worker and emergency call button are reassuring to the staff when working in very remote locations
  • GPS capability allows an individual to be found
  • Cost effective for the purposes we need

“Bridge Systems setup the profile on the radios which they keep on file. Should we buy or hire in additional handsets in the future for larger and more complex tasks then they can very quickly set the radios to match our existing system” Derek Fett


Do you work on site and struggle with communication between teams?

Do you have two way radio that you are not happy with?