The ECO Stars scheme provides recognition for best operational practices, and guidance for making improvements. The ultimate aim is to reduce fuel consumption which naturally leads to fewer vehicle emissions and has the added benefit of saving  money!

Members are awarded an ECO Star rating when they first join –  ranging from 1 Star to 5 Stars –  based on an assessment of their current operational and environmental performance. One of the ECO Stars team (all industry experts with years of transport experience) rates each individual vehicle and how the fleet is run as a whole.

Certificate presentation

The ECO Stars assessment is based on six key pillars which make up fleet operational efficiency. Some of the measures that can be adopted are highlighted:

  • Fleet composition
  • Fuel Management
  • Driver Skills development
  • Vehicle specification and preventative maintenance
  • IT Support Systems
  • Performance Monitoring and Management

After an ECO Stars assessment a road map is issued to the company which outline the finding and provides a tailor made ‘path’ to help improve fleet efficiency


To find out more about the ECO Stars scheme visit the  Eco Stars website

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