Outdoor events have increased in popularity over the last few years; it is no longer just elite athletes that attend. A large number are organised so that any age or fitness can give themselves a challenge. Some are done to raise money for a worthy cause, some are for fun and others are to challenge seasoned OCR (obstacle course race) runners!

Race for life: Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life is a series of women-only events raising money for research into all 200 types of cancer

Kilt walk: events across Scotland and three distances to choose from – anyone can take part and change lives in Scotland. You choose your charity and 110% of all money raised is donated. For Every £100 raised The Hunter Foundation (“THF”) will donate £10 on top.


Total Warrior: 30 obstacles over 10km (6.2 miles) with a free beer when you finish. Participants are faced with great variety, super challenges and plenty of mud!

The mighty deerstalker: Unknown distance, off road, deep in the Scottish borders. This event goes across rivers, through forests and over a mountain or two in the pitch dark of a chilly March night.

With these events ranging in difficulty it is important that health and safety is at a premium. Only this year, there was the tragic loss of life after a lady collapsed at The Mighty Deer Stalker. Communication between the medical crews at The Mighty Deerstalker was seamless and medical crews were on scene within 3 minutes to implement emergency protocols. Tragically, the lady passed away en-route to the hospital.

With a number of these events being held in areas with no mobile coverage, gives issues with communication. Without reliable communication, medical crews at these events would not be able to carry out their roles properly. Health and Safety would be compromised.

What can be used instead of mobile phones?

Mobile phones are not always reliable; two way radios are being used at these events to ensure constant, reliable communications.
There are many benefits to using two way radios:

  • Radios can be hired at low cost so no large expenditure for events
  • Radios do not need to rely on a third party network provider to give communication coverage.
  • Constant signal, there is no drop off or loss
  • One button push to talk so there is no need to remember a phone number or search for a contact
  • There are no additional call cost with radio Call ‘groups’ can be set up to keep channels free or private

Are you involved in organising events?

Do you struggle with clear communications?


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