Hired radio user guide - Hytera PD4 radio management


Power On/Off Your Radio
To power on your radio, rotate the Power/Volume rotary knob clockwise until a click is heard. To power off your radio, rotate the Power/Volume rotary knob counter clockwise until a click is heard.

Turn Up/down the Volume.
After powering on your radio, rotating the Power/Volume rotary knob clockwise can turn up the volume, and rotating the Power/ Volume rotary knob counter clockwise can turn down the volume.

Select a Zone

You can add channels in one zone to manage the channels efficiently. Your radio supports up to 2 zones. One zone can contain up to 16 channels.

Select a Channel

In standby, you can rotate the Channel selection rotary knob and switch the current working channel. Rotating clockwise can turn down the channel, and rotating counter clockwise can turn up the channel.

Switching Modes

These hire Radios have 10 digital (1-10) channels and 10 analogue channels. To change between Digital and Analogue channels, hold the bottom side button for 5 seconds until the channel number is announced, voice announcement “1” for Digital & “2” for Analog. If the radio fails to transmit or receive, please check that this button hasn’t been pressed accidentally.

Make a call

To ensure that the called party can hear you clearly, keep the microphone 2.5 cm to 5 cm away from your mouth when speaking.

Battery Management

Your hire radios should arrive fully charged, however, on receipt of your hire radios – please place in chargers.

Charging Procedure

Prior to placing the radio into the charger pocket first ensure that the radio is dry and that the battery contacts are clean – if required wipe with a cloth to remove any moisture or dirt.

Turn-off the radio prior to charging

Do not use the charger in direct sunlight or on a hot surface – high temperatures will adversely affect battery charging.

Radios can be safely left in the charger overnight.

Ensure that the guide slots on the side of the battery engage with the guides on the side of the charger pocket

Check that the charger LED turns a Steady RED – this confirms a good electrical contact

The state of the charging process can be confirmed by the charge LED conditions listed below, The LED indicator indicates the operating status of the radio:

  • SLOW FLASHING RED LED – (0.2s ON/ 3s OFF) – no battery in charging pocket – charger ready
  • STEADY RED LED – Charging battery.
  • STEADY ORANGE LED – battery 90% charged.
  • STEADY GREEN LED – charging complete.
  • SLOW FLASHING RED LED – (0.2s on / 3s off) try reinserting battery in pocket again – battery may not be seated properly.
  • FAST FLASHING RED LED – (0.2s ON / 0.2s OFF) battery maybe faulty – contact Bridge Systems

Should you experience any problems please do not hesitate to contact Bridge Systems Ltd

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