In business, customer service is massively important. 

In days gone by, there were not as many products, sellers or varying prices for the same products.  I suppose in a way, it may have been easier to do business; the sellers had the monopoly in a lot of respects.  

With the introduction of the internet the customer has a world of choice; the tables have turned.

What makes you decide to  use one company over another?

I am sure, like me, you have had countless experiences where you have contacted a company and your first point of contact has been droll, rude and uninterested. The company’s products could be top notch, the best of the best, but the initial contact and customer service was utter garbage so you decide against using them.

Similarly, when someone calls to promote their product or visit your home or business, my initial thoughts are not positive…to say the least.

Skip forward to a couple of weeks ago;

We had a visit from Shoena Payne, Sales & Marketing Manager at Heaven Scent.  Now, like many businesses we regularly get sales men and woman turning up at the door. Sheona was visiting local companies speaking to people to find out if they use outside caterers for meeting and events.

Shoena was not a pushy sales woman; she was polite and engaging. I didn’t feel like anything was getting forced upon us, she was chatty and got her information across well.

Why am I telling you about Sheona? Well this is where Sheona made her company stand out from the crowd; she asked if Heaven Scent could send us a free sample buffet lunch for four people.

Who is going to say no to that?

In the following week, Sheona followed up our meeting with an email, arranged a date for the buffet to be delivered and also checked in with us a couple of days before the food was due to arrive.

The buffet came as organised;

I might be in the minority here but if you want to win me over – feed me good food!

We are not talking cheese on a stick and a wee piddly square sandwich here;

What did we think?

“it was lovely, we would certainly use them in the future” – Jennifer Walker, Finance Director

“There is a great variety; it was well presented and tasty” – Mel Buttercase, Logistic Co-ordinator

heaven scent catering

Heaven Scent did a fabulous job from initial contact to the end product, their approach to marketing both their business and their food, has certainly won them another customer.

About Heaven Scent

Heaven Scent artisan coffee shop and Heavens Above catering and events venue are located in the charming Perthshire village of Milnathort, just off the M90 near Kinross, and within easy reach of Fife, Clackmannanshire and the Lothians.


Heaven Scent is open day for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, coffee and cakes. Heavens  Above is open for afternoon teas on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The three beautiful rooms are also available for private hire throughout the week for small business events, meetings, kids’ parties, hen parties, baby showers, celebrations, get togethers and other private dining events, or you  can book the whole venue for a home from home style party.

Their second Heaven Scent coffee shop is located in the incredible Dunfermline Carnegie Library & Galleries in the beautiful heritage quarter of Scotland’s ancient capital.

Self-service makes this café more informal than the original shop, but it has all the lovely touches you’d expect from the Heaven Scent brand. Silky barista made coffee, freshly prepared food, delicious home baked scones, cakes and tray bakes, a warm welcome and friendly staff. All topped off with beautiful views of Dunfermline Abbey, Abbot House and the newly laid gardens.

Heaven Scent at Dunfermline Library & Galleries is open seven days a week for light breakfast, lunch, coffee and cakes.

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