Ok so the decision has been made, You need two way radios. Here are some points regarding licence free radios that you may want to consider.

You have a limited budget, so you decide to buy licence free radios; Before you go entering your card details, we wanted to delve a little deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of licence free radios.


• All radios transmit on a UHF or VHF frequency and these are governed by Ofcom.
• Licence free radios are able to transmit on eight PMR 446 frequencies (see Ofcom frequency table)

Licence free radios have lots of advantages compared to licenced radios:

• Less expensive than a licenced radio
• They come pre-programmed
• Simple to use straight from the box
• Widely available
• Operate anywhere in the UK

•	All radios transmit on a UHF or VHF frequency and these are governed by Offcom

You are able to use licence free radios for business or pleasure however; with only eight frequencies in the UK they comes with a few hitches:

• Congestion from larger number of frequency users
• Short range; radios that are on a licence free frequency can only be used in a small area and are not suitable for long distance transmission
• Interference; it is possible to get interference from other users
• Licence free channels are not private

Licence free radios are a very popular choice and are used in many sectors such as:

• Construction
• Hotels
• Small events
• Leisure industry
• Soft play centres
• Road workers

Depending on what your needs are, licence free radio could be the perfect choice for you, your business or your team

There is so much choice out there it can be hard to know what licence free radio is the perfect fit; take a look at ‘licence free radios – top 5 Hytera LF radio’ to find out more

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