Is your mobile signal weaker than water? 

Are calls on your mobile worse than useless in your home, office, or business premises?

Are you struggling to get a strong enough mobile signal or worse, you don’t get any signal at all?

There is good news…

Is it illegal to use a mobile phone signal booster?

Previously, signal booster (also known as GSM repeaters) were legal to buy but illegal to use?!

However, recently, OfCom conducted a consultation (July 2021) on extending the range of mobile phone repeaters that can be used without a licence and on measures to improve information for consumers.

In November 2021, Ofcom published their decision to extend the range of mobile repeaters that can be self-installed without a licence. Today (March 2022) Ofcom are consulting on the regulations that would allow them to introduce this change.

Ofcom are proposing to make the regulations technology-neutral, allowing the use of 5G repeaters as well as 2G, 3G and 4G devices, provided they meet certain technical requirements.

The current consultation closes on 25 April 2022, and we plan to publish their decision in June 2022.

You can find the full consultation document here:

New proposals to help people boost mobile signal indoors

As it stands (March 22) GSM boosters (mobile signal boosters) can be installed without a licence.

How do mobile signal boosters work?

A mobile signal booster (or GSM booster) is designed to receive the smallest amount of available signal from outside your home or business and bring it inside. The signal then passes through the main unit and boosts the power to give you a full signal indoors.

The signal can then be split up to different antennas to enable you to cover all the rooms you require to receive a signal in.

Are signal boosters easy to install?

Now the answer to this question all comes down to how much you know about the logistic of mobile booster equipment and how handy you are with a drill…

The installation of these devices involves running cable, fitting antennae (indoor and outdoor) and you will need to have a knowledge of how a signal booster operates to be able to iron out any ‘wrinkles’ that may arise during the installation.

What happens if you don’t know the first thing about splitters, antennae, or DIY…..

Who can install mobile signal boosters?

Bridge Systems Ltd offer an installation service that takes care of everything from start to finish. 

This would require one of our engineers visiting your premises to survey the building and then provide you with an estimate of the work required.

We can also supply additional materials such as:

  • Indoor antennas
  • Splitter boxes
  • Antenna brackets
  • Antenna poles
  • Extra cabling that maybe required

How long does it take to install a mobile phone booster?

The length of time it takes to install a GSM repeater depends on the size of your home or premises. 

As an example: a 2 storey, 3-bedroom house would typically take around 4-8 hours depending on how many routers are required.

If you would like estimated cost for your installation (with no obligation to buy) enter your details below:

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