Mobile phone signal booster (GSM Repeater)


GSM REPEATER complete package, including Outdoor LPDA Shrouded Yagi Antenna and Indoor Panel Antenna.

1 x 10m feeder cable, 1 x 5m feeder cable.

Quad Band


10 in stock (can be backordered)

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The standard equipment comes with:

1 x Quad band repeater host

1 x AC adapter(US, UK, EU, AU four types choose one)

1 x Outdoor LPDA antenna

1 x Indoor panel antenna

1 x 10m cable

1 x 5m cable

1 x User Manual

Package Size(one set): 38x29x31cm

Weight: 3.6kg


  1. All-aluminium fuselage, good shielding, super heat dissipation, ensure stable operation of equipment.
  2. Multiple LCD screens: one signal format and one screen, the signal strength is intuitively displayed, and the standard voltage stabilized DC power is equipped, so the voltage is stable.
  3. The fuselage is made of pure aluminium, which radiates less than the plastic case, making you more comfortable to use.



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