• Your radio hire is not secured until payment is made.
  • You are responsible for and should be adequately insured against the loss or damage to Bridge Systems Ltd equipment by whatever mean, whilst it is in your possession. 
  • In the event of any loss/damage, please notify Bridge Systems by either phone (01383 736621) or email (enquiries@bridgesystemltd.com)
  • Battery management instructions will be included with your equipment.
  • Damage caused by anything other than fair wear and tear will be chargeable.
  • You are responsible for the safe return of goods unless otherwise agreed.
  • Please return all goods promptly at the end of hire period. 
  • Any missing items not returned within 7 days will be charged full weekly hire price.
  • Any missing items not returned within 14 days will be charged full RRP price (plus programming costs where applicable). An administration fee of £25.00 may be applied should missing items be found in the interim period after the 14 days.  In cases such as these the full RRP of the items found would not be charged.

  • By processing the pro-forma invoice, you are accepting our terms and conditions

Full terms and conditions can be found here:

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