Radios come in all shapes and sizes. There are a vast range of radio manufacturers on the market, this brings with it lots of variables – so let us help with your radio options

We will break it down for you;

Radio Manufacturers

We would encourage you to explore the market to get the products that best suits your needs. However, below are a few manufacturers that we have experience with;

Team Simoco

To simplify this even further we have split radios as a whole, into 3 categories:

• Portable radio
• Mobile radio
• Repeaters and Systems

mobiles, portables and repeater

Portable radios

A two way radio or portable radio can transmit and receive radio communications. These signals are sent using either a UHF or VHF frequency.

Portable radios are sometimes known as walkie talkies.

The radio handsets vary in:

• Price
• Size
• Capability
• Durability


Licence free radios are a very simple, cost effective choice for radio communications. They are available ‘straight from the box’. They work on a PMR446 frequency (Low power UHF personal mobile radio frequency) which means there is no need for a radio licence from Offcom.  You need to bear in mind that the PMR446 frequency is not private and has a relatively short range that  can be prone to interference.

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Licence free radio – top 5 Hytera Radios (PMR 446)

If your situation requires a radio with a private frequency, this can be achieved with an Offcom licence together with your chosen handset.

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The handset you choose comes down the purpose they are being used for and also personal preference. Below are several options out of a huge range on the market:

Portable two way radio range, Tait, Hytera and Sepura

Like we mentioned before, this is only a small example of portable radios available

 Mobile radios

Mobile radios are installed in vehicles or mounted on desktops and look similar to a car radio or stereo,  until you look closer. They can be used in conjunction with portable radios.


Two way mobile radio range - Hytera, Tait and Sepura

Mobile radio systems are used by sectors such as:

  • Taxi firms
  • Farmers
  • Haulage companies
  • Bus companies

The advantages of a mobile radio are:

  • GPS – enabling location based services to improve safety and control.
  • Telemetry – Allows the monitoring and control of external devices, either by another radio or via a software application
  • Priority interrupt – Send a priority transmission to interrupt other calls, ideal for important, critical messages


Repeaters and Systems

What is a repeater?

Repeaters are designed to increase coverage of radio signals. It is a two-way radio system that receives on one frequency, and then re-transmits on another frequency.

Repeaters are usually situated at a high height

RD965 Hytera repeater

Radio signals cannot propagate through land e.g. hills and some solid objects or go round corners – it travels as the crow flies. If something gets in the way of the signal, this interferes with the radio transmission.

Repeater systems are used to relay your transmitted and received signals via a much higher elevations using fixed, very efficient antennas, low-loss feed lines, and a transmitter and receiver that are rated for heavy or continuous use.

 A repeater sends your signal and receives the station you are talking to with a far greater range and coverage area. 

A standard repeater is normally situated on a permanent fixture e.g. high point on a building or a mast.  

Mobile repeaters are different; the repeater has been designed to be carried in a backpack allowing for ‘mobile’ coverage

The mobile repeater and portable handsets can be used along with a dispatcher system allowing for real time tracking using GPS along with voice calls, grouped calls and texts

Repeater and portable transmission diagram

In this article we have covered a few of the main points concerning two way radios however there is so much more we can help you with, do you have any questions?

Do you have any experiences where two way radio’s have been invaluable?


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