In today’s climate, secure communications are vital, here at Bridge Systems Ltd we have the experience and knowledge to provide a secure, reliable solution to communications.

Here are  a few examples:

Cryptophone T3Cryptophone diagram

The Cryptophone T3 is the latest evolution of the well-proven Telsy Secure Terminal concept.

Flexibility and innovation are the key words for this latest concept. Shaped in a stylish aluminium case, it integrates sophisticated security and communication functions for operation over almost any available communication channel.

Based on a modular design concept the CRYPTOPHONE T3 IP is configurable to meet the most demanding of customer requirements. The intuitive user interface reflects the full potential of the system.

The Cryptophone T3 represents the most innovative solution of Voice encryption over IP based on the SIP open standard


Allfax diagram


Allfax 3000

The Allfax 3000 is a new generation of stand-alone in-line fax encryption equipment. Designed to be efficient and economical solution for secure fax messaging, the Allfax 3000 can operate with any Group 3 fax machine.

The equipment is extremely easy to use making operation transparent to the user and encryption automatic. Connection to the fax machine is easily made by inserting the Allfax 3000 between the telephone line wall plug and the fax machine. This allows encryption of facsimile messages without the need of a fax machine equipped with a special interface


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