ATEX radios for hazardous environments

Do you work in a hazardous environment? Production platforms, construction, petrochemical sites and off-shore – these and many more require a safe, reliable communications solution

ATEX radio's for hazardous environments - bridge systems

Two-way radios

Radios come in all shapes and sizes. There are a vast range of radio manufacturers on the market, this brings with it lots of variables – what are your options?

Portable analogue and digital radios

Radio Hire

Are you planning a large event and need reliable communications? Hiring two way radio could be the solution to your problem

From as little at £7 per month…

Wi-Fi coverage

Wi-Fi for a large site or organisation can’t rely on the standard Wi-Fi coverage given from a router for a number of different reasons; the site is large, it can contain repellent building materials, it is classed as a hazardous environment or are there just too many users?  What can be done?

Wifi survey bridge systems ltd

Radio licence

Unless you are planning on using licence free radios, chances are you will have to apply for a radio licence with Ofcom.  Not sure where to start?

Offcom - radio licences - bridge systems

System Design

System Design is a critical part in a successful radio network; we discuss requirements, consider various ideas to design a build a bespoke systems tailored to your requirements.

ATEX radio's for hazardous environments - bridge systems (1)
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