Portable analogue and digital radios

Two-way radios

Radios come in all shapes and sizes. There are a vast range of radio manufacturers on the market, this brings with it lots of variables – what are your options?
ATEX radio's for hazardous environments - bridge systems

ATEX radios for hazardous environments

Do you work in a hazardous environment? Production platforms, construction, petrochemical sites and off-shore – these and many more require a safe, reliable communications solution
Push to talk over cellular

Push to talk over cellular

PTToC uses cellular and Wi-Fi networks and does not need any additional infrastructure to cover large areas. 
This means that it offers a cost-effective way of extending the reach of a radio system which can include non-radio users. 
PTToC (Push to Talk over Cellular) enables users to replicate two-way radio features on their cellular phone with the use of an app.
Radio Hire for events Bridge Systems

Radio hire

Are you planning a large event and need reliable communications?Hiring two way radio could be the solution to your problem 
From as little at £7 per month…
Wifi survey bridge systems ltd

Wi-Fi Coverage

Wi-Fi for a large site or organisation can’t rely on the standard Wi-Fi coverage given from a router for a number of different reasons; the site is large, it can contain repellent building materials, it is classed as a hazardous environment or are there just too many users?  What can be done?
Offcom - radio licences - bridge systems

Radio Licence

Unless you are planning on using licence free radios, chances are you will have to apply for a radio licence with Ofcom.  Not sure where to start?
ATEX radio's for hazardous environments - bridge systems (1)

System Design

System Design is a critical part in a successful radio network; we discuss requirements, consider various ideas to design a build a bespoke systems tailored to your requirements.

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