There has been an abundance of content flying about the internet about the new GDPR regulations coming into force on 25th May 2018. It is a hot subject and one that companies need to be aware of.

An easy (and irresponsible approach) would be to put the whole subject to the bottom of your ‘to do list’ and hope for the best.   

DON’T! We want to help you;

Now, we are not about to try and ‘reinvent the wheel’ and give you our take on the whole GDPR topic; instead we want to give you links to resources we found to be the most informative, straight forward and fun – yes you read that right…GDPR and fun together in the same article, who would have thought it.

Andrew and Pete

GDPR simply explained in a short, fun and concise video

  • What is GDPR?
  • Stricter Regulations for getting consent
  • New requirements for record keeping
  • What about current data?
  • Is this enforceable?

 Here’s what you need to know…

Simply business

This article takes the subject of GDPR and breaks it down into small, digestible chunks.  The blog is packed full of information for both small and large companies together with a really handy 12 point checklist to help you through the dark times

Simply Business; GDRP for small businesses

Scheme Serve

I love it when people explain things in a simple straight forward manner.  Granted it is not to everyone’s taste but, if like me, you prefer an idiots guide – here is exactly that:

Scheme Serves idiots guide to GDPR

Content Marketing Academy

The content marketing academy works with business people, entrepreneurs and marketers, to help master the skills required to grow your audience and build your business for the future.

It’s not just a membership; it is a learning community full of like-minded individuals with an abundance of expertise that would blow your socks off.

The majority of the information learned, surrounding GDPR (and a trillion other topics) came from the ‘squad’.

content marketing academy logo

“For every question that’s asked in the CMA, someone has an answer. They do not have to be an expert – they just need to know just a little more than you do about that specific area or topic.

Someone provides the scaffolding for you, so you can learn, achieve, and go on to do it yourself – the next thing you know you’re teaching it to someone else!” – Chris Marr

Come on in and find out more:

The place where the cool people hang out


Begin Self publishing


Another great resource is this podcast from Tim Lewis from Begin Self Publishing

He interviews Annabel Kaye Managing Director of KoffeeKlatch on the subject of GDPR – turns out, it is quite interesting

The looming storm of GDPR with Annabel Kaye

Annabel Kaye

if you come across some more GDPR content that you thought was different and helpful,, let us know!

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