The pressure on employers to demonstrate duty of care for their lone worker employees in the field continues to increase.

What is Trackaphone?

Simplified, Trackaphone is software that  allows you to protect your people, vehicles and assets.

Employee and Lone worker protection

Employers need to ensure that  there a solution in place to get assistance to lone workers and employees that may be at risk

Employees need to understand

  • The risks involved in their job
  • How to deal with situations they might find themselves in
  • How and when to raise help
  • How to behave to minimise risk
  • Understand and comply to the protocols put in place to protect them

How are alerts generated?

Alerts are generated in a number of ways: 

  • Voice
  • Data
  • SMS
  • Time lapse without user intervention (Amber Alerts)

Alerts can be generated through a range of:

  • Panic buttons
  • Mobile devices
  • Idle alerts
  • Shake alerts
  • Time elapsed
  • Location based (entering known danger areas or failing to arrive at a safe location etc),
  • Diagnostic alerts; e.g. battery alerts or notification of poor signal, device turned off, poor location available etc.

 The time lapse alert is not dependent on any form of available communication route at the time of alert.  Therefore it is the only alert type that will work  if the device is unable to connect or is turned off, disabled etc.

Trackaphone is currently being used by over 90% of the UK and Ireland police forces and many varied UK public sectors and established companies:


Trackaphone users

What device will you be using?

Trackaphone can be used with the following devices:

  • Standard mobile phone
  • Android, Windows and IOS Smart phones
  • Blackberry
  • Specialist lone worker devices
  • Wearables


How will alerts be responded too?

Based on your requirements the response service can be outsourced, managed in house, or we can provide a fully managed BS8484 24/7 service.

Additional services

You may wish some additional services or require a managed project from beginning to end – including scoping out your requirement and running a pilot.

We offer:

  • Training and consultancy
  • Device set up service
  • Technical development
  • Weekly ERC reports
  • Monthly ERC reports

What other services are available with Trackaphone?

  • Mobile phone tracking
  • Asset tracking
  • Vehicle tracking

For more information please get in touch

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