A straight forward (radio only) two way radio hire from Bridge Systems Ltd costs £6 per radio, per day.

We also have a number of long term hire customers, these hires are charged at a reduced rate depending on the length of hire period, and the number of radios you may need.

We hold a large stock of  two way radio brands and accessories; this means that we are able to provide you with a solution to match your event needs and our large radio fleet allows us to dispatch the equipment quickly.

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What functions does a two way radio have?

A two way radio doesn’t rely on a mobile network therefore eliminates the chance of your communications cutting out or worse, falling down completely.  A two way radio come with many features:

  • One to one calls
  • One to group calls
  • One to many calls
  • Up to 32 channels
  • Digital text function
  • Lone worker
  • Call alert
Two way radios are a fail safe, effective means of communications.  Radios do not have to rely on third party networks such as O2, Vodafone and  Three for coverage.  Two way radios are independent and therefore are excellent for use in rural areas or places with poor mobile signal.

With their independent coverage, they bring peace of mind when in a situation where Health and Safety is important.

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What accessories can I hire?

Two way radios can be used with fist microphones, earpieces or together if required.  They can also be used alongside repeaters allowing large events, such as marathons or ride outs to communicate over longer distances.

Fist microphone

  • Emergency call button
  • With 3.5 mm jack socket for earbud
  • Protection against dust and moisture as per degree of protection IP67


We have several different styles of earpiece to suit your preference; these can be ‘on-ear’ or ‘in-ear’ style and with the aid of a 3.5 mm plug connector, it can be combined with various audio sets (with PTT (push to talk) button and microphone) or remote speaker microphones.

How many radios will I need?

If you are unsure about the number or radio’s you need give us a call, we can help you.  Alternatively, you can fill out our online form and someone will be in touch.

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Do you need the radios to work in a hilly area?

Do you live in a built up area?

In order to establish if radios will work in your area without the use of additional equipment, we can carry out a topography survey to establish the ‘lay of the land’.

VHF and UHF radio waves transmit on ‘line of sight’ (give or take 25%) signals can not go through or over large hills / mountains.

To overcome this problem and to increase the distance covered, a repeater can be used to ‘re-transmit’ the signal.

Repeaters can be mounted on a pole or mast or made portable should the area covered, be variable during an event (we can help with this)

If you would like more information on the advantages of radio, or to speak to one of our team please get in touch

line of sight diagram

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