Have you ever considered using two-way radio?

Two-way radio has come so far over the years; it’s safe to say it’s the best form of communication in terms of:

  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Coverage
  • Adaptability
  • Cost

Radio systems have so many features that people may not be aware of – it is my goal to bring this to you!

Not only do two-way radios ‘tick all the boxes’ they have other fantastic benefits:

  • Radios are not reliant on any third-party network provider
  • There would be no interruption should there be a natural disaster/terrorist attack
  • Radio gives coverage over long distances
  • SMS messaging
  • GPS tracking
  • Access to e-mails
  • Telephone connect
  • Man-down function; this is where a motion sensor in the radio detects:
    • user is not moving
    • user is moving more than what is considered to be normal
    • radio is positioned in different angle than usual for defined period of time.

This can be used where staff /colleagues are expected to perform daily duties away from other people often without direct supervision and/or in isolated spaces.

One size doesn’t fit all

There is a plethora of styles, sizes, features and abilities when it comes to two-way radio.  These range from licence-free radio to large-scale systems using the all-singing, all-dancing versions (and everything in between)

There are many two way radio providers that have a range of products and services to suit your needs:

So in business, you don’t need to be ‘stuck’ without a mobile phone, there is an alternative…

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