Do you want to do more than donate money to your chosen charity?

Have you considered getting involved with a volunteer day? Your employees all have a wealth of skills, experience and contacts that could go a long way to help.

Many charities are involved in unique and exciting ways for businesses to get involved.

Bedrock charity offer a great chance to businesses big and small to help the under privileged children across Scotland. With ‘make a difference days’ you can provide practical, hands on support on projects that really do make a difference.

All of us here at Bridge Group had the opportunity to get involved in a local nursery garden overhaul.  The site itself was a disused allotment area that had seen better days.

Bedrock volunteer day - project during picture

With amazing help from Stuart Elliott from a local building contractor, we were able to help Sandy and Kirsty from Bedrock transform the area into a nurturing habitat for local nursery kids.

The day itself consisted of lots of varying tasks meaning that everyone in the company could get involved;

  • Cutting back bushes
  • Installing bamboo screening
  • Adding a child size fence to different areas
  • Dig raised beds and replace the soil
  • Revamp an old bottle greenhouse 
  • Building a potting table 
Bedrock volunteer day - project before picture

The whole team got stuck in, digging, weeding, planting and building. The transformation in such a short period of time was amazing!

What difference does this really make?
  • Allows children to learn about planting and growing
  • Children can grow their own fruit and vegetables
  • Parents are able to get involved in planned cooking days in the nursery, using the freshly grown ingredients
  • Educates both child and parent in the benefits of healthy eating
Bedrock volunteer day - project after picture

Jennifer walker, Finance Director “We  loved the volunteer day with Bedrock Charity. It was great to see everyone working together as a team in an unfamiliar environment. The appreciation shown by the staff at the nursery was amazing and the children’s visit was a joy! we got a great sense of satisfaction out of the end result and the gingerbread and warm cup of tea was delicious!”

Get involved

Sandy and Kirsty make the whole experience very easy to get involved in; they coordinated the whole day, supplied materials and kept us well informed.

If you are looking for something that your whole company can experience together, gain a great sense of achievement, give back to the community and help the vulnerable kids of Scotland, try a ‘make a difference day’ with Bedrock Charity

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